What are tactile warning labels for?

Tactile Warning Labels are used specifically to alert a blind or visually impaired person that they are handling a hazardous substance.

European legislation requires that all substances readily available to the public and are identified as toxic, very toxic, harmful, extremely flammable or corrosive must have a tactile warning label as specified by BS EN ISO 11683: 1997.

What do tactile warning labels look like?

A tactile warning label consists of a raised triangle symbol. The triangle must be equilateral with sides either 9mm or 18mm.

Choosing between clear or printed labels

We can supply you with plain clear triangular labels or integrated labels.

The clear triangular tactile labels can be stuck onto existing packaging or labels. Depending on the volume of the product, this can be less cost effective as it requires an additional process as the labels have to be applied separately.

With an integrated label, the raised triangle is printed on top of the labels as a single process. This can enhance the look of your product. The integration of the raised triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate application, saving time and making it more cost effective.

The European Chemicals Agency provides further information regarding labelling and packaging with regards to warning triangles.

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