Integrated cards

Our integrated cards are laser printer compatible and available in a wide range of material and styles. They provide a cost effective solution for many applications including: Membership Cards, Security Passes, Parking Permits, Travel Passes and ID Badges. In fact, integral card forms can be applied to have virtually any usage that is required.

Integrated cards can be produced as any shape or size and positioned within a wide range of paper materials and weights. The cards can be produced in four different styles - pop out, peel out, butterfly / duo and dualam. Please take a look at our main page which explains more about the types and styles of card available: Integrated card types.

Printing process

The integral card is printed at the same time as the form so there is no need for a secondary print or colour matching process. This improves efficiency and takes up a lot less time than having to print the card and the form separately. The integrated card can also be laminated on one or both sides for extra durability (depending on the style of card you use). The film laminates can be passed through a laser printer and can also be written on.

Integrated card forms are an inexpensive way of making your customers feel appreciated and at the same time informing them of up and coming promotions and offers.

Orders & Enquiries

Please take a look at the checklist on this page which will help us to provide you with an accurate price for your integral card forms.

All of our prices are bespoke, we do not hold price lists for any of the products on our website. You can contact us by email at:, via our online enquiry form or you can call us direct on 0115 949 1880. FREE samples of integral card forms are available on request.