Security printing

Security printing is one of our specialist areas. As well as being able to supply you with cheques that are C&CCC accredited, we have the expertise to advise on and produce many other securely printed products.

As well as Printed Cheques, our security product range also includes: Parking Permit Stickers / Forms, Security Labels, Membership Cards, Gift Vouchers and Event Tickets.

We can incorporate high security features into the design of your products, many of which can be found below:

Security features

Guilloche designGuilloche - Is a very complex pattern of never ending lines.

Watermarked Paper - This allows easy identification of authenticity. The watermark and ultra violet (UV) dull paper cannot be easily replicated. It changes colour when attacked with acids or alkalis.

Hologram for extra securityHolograms - If photocopying is attempted, the refracted light on the metallic foil causes the hologram to lose its lustre and appear unclear. We can use one of our stock holograms, or a bespoke hologram can be created and used.

Microtext - A minute font size is used which can only be viewed through a magnifying glass. If it is photocopied, the text will blur making the message unrecognisable.

Anti photocopy featuresAnti Photocopy Feature - A hidden message is revealed when photocopied, such as the words FRAUD or VOID and can be used to provide another level of protection against fraudulent alteration.

Sequential Numbering - This gives a clear audit trail, allowing duplicates to be more easily detected.

Invisible Ultra Violet UV InkInvisible Ultra Violet Ink - Under UV light, a previously invisible image will appear easily identifying an authentic product.

Security Inks - Aqua and solvent sensitive inks provide protection from attempted tampering using water and solvents. The inks will smudge when touched by one of these substances.

Barcode - Used at point of sale to avoid the denomination being recorded incorrectly.

Orders & Enquiries

If you require further information or would like to know more about our secure printed products and features, please email us or fill in our on line enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call us on 0115 949 1880