Continuous mailers

A continuous data mailer is a self contained business form set that is pre-sealed inside an envelope. This construction allows both the forms and envelopes to be processed in the one operation through your computer impact printer. Data mailers provide a fast, secure and cost effective way to print and mail multipart documents. Continuous mailers are designed to be used with an impact printer.

Some of the applications include: Pay Advices, PIN Mailers, Statements, Invoices and many more....

Continuous data mailer formats

Our data Mailers are available in four styles styles for use on an impact printing presented in a continuous / fanfold format:

Peel Apart Mailers

These are normally 3 part with perforations on both sides. Once the perforations have been torn off, the top copy can be peeled away to show the information on the inside.

Insert Mailers

The vertical perforation is removed and then normally a thumb notch is used to open and pull the inserts out.

Zipper Mailers

Have a vertical 'zip' feature normally positioned about 1 inch in width from the left or right hand edge. This is then torn open from head to foot to reveal the inset edges to be removed. This format allows for the creation of a return envelope.

Grip and Pull Mailers

To open this format of mailer, the recipient has to grip and pull the bottom left and right hand corners and 'snap' the envelope open to reveal the information inside.

Orders & Enquiries

For a quotation, simply let us know how many you would like to order, print colours and whether you will be supplying artwork or would like us to do it for you. Once your order has been placed and we have artwork approval, your data mailers will be delivered to you in approximately 10 - 15 working days depending on the complexity of the job and quantity ordered.

If you would like to know more about how these work or for a quotation, please email us or complete our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0115 949 1880. All of our prices are bespoke, we do not hold price lists for any of the products on our website.