Our Environmental Policy

At Royale Graphics we recognise that all industrial processes have the potential to cause environmental harm and that the world's resources are not limitless.

Therefore we accept a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally friendly measures which go beyond legislative requirements.

We appreciate that expressing concern for the environment is not a substitute for positive action in favour of the environment, and willingly accept the fact that financial and manpower resources have to be allocated to ensure that good environmental practice is carried out in all areas of the company's operations.

Royale Graphics aims to continue to improve its environmental performance by:

  1. Complying with the requirements of all environmental legislation.
  2. Assessing the environmental effects of all business operations.
  3. Actively promoting recycling internally to our staff and externally to our customers and suppliers.
  4. Implementing the use of recycled materials where appropriate.
  5. Preventing and reducing pollution by implementing efficient control procedures to monitor and manage materials and processes that impact on the environment.
  6. Continually seeking to improve environmental performance.
  7. Monitoring progress and review performance annually.

Through measurement and examination of the impact of our own activities, we seek to eliminate or reduce pollution. Royale Graphics has made a conscious policy decision to explore every avenue open to us to ensure that care of the environment is a key consideration in our work practices, processes and methods of operation.