Multipart NCR Books and NCR Pads

Multipart NCR pads and books are still widely used for various applications such as Purchase Order Forms, Delivery Notes, Telephone Message Pads, Receipts, Notepads, Invoices and many more....

What is a book and what is a pad?

  1. A book is normally a series of pages that are permanently stitched, sewn or glued inside a front and back cover
  2. A pad is normally a series of pages that are glued at the top (head) or side and are removable for further distribution and processing
  3. NCR Books are generally used when a series of documents need to be kept in sequence for legal, financial or other reasons
  4. NCR Pads are generally used where all pages are distributed for recording or administrative purposes

Binding Types

  1. Spiral Bound - a binding where wire or plastic is passed through holes punched along the binding side
  2. Perfect Bound - a type of binding where the spine edges of the sheets are glued to a cover like a telephone book
  3. Case Bound - where the cover (or case) of the book is made separately from the body of the NCR book before being fixed

Binding Styles

  1. Full Bound - where the book cover material is all the same.
  2. Half Bound - one material is used for the covers and another for the spine and corners
  3. Quarter Bound - one material is used for the covers and a different material for the spine

What types of NCR Pads are available?

  1. Head Bound - where the short edge is glued or spiral bound
  2. Side Bound - where the long edge is glued or spiral bound
  3. Backboard (Strawboard Base) - to keep the pad stiff
  4. Writing Shield - To put between NCR sets to stop the writing going through to the other sets below. Can either have a loose shield which slots in between the sets or a wraparound shield which is glued and attached to the pad
  5. Hole Drilled - for filing needs

Additional Options & Features

  1. Numbering - Sets and Individual sheets in a set can be numbered in any sequence or position
  2. Bar coding - Sets and individual sheets in a set can be bar-coded for data requirements
  3. Desensitised Areas (Carbon Patches) - there are used for blanking out certain areas on sheets underneath the top copy
  4. Perforations - pages can have perforations almost anywhere.

Orders & Enquiries

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